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Our social media marketing strategy is one of the fastest ways to grow your business’ brand awareness while reaching your potential customers wherever they are and whatever platform they use. Increase the efficiency of your other digital marketing efforts – including SEO and SEM – by helping build natural links, drive traffic to your website/app, awareness, and brand recognition. Let us optimize your marketing strategy and ensure that the right content is reaching your target customers through the right platform.

Why Does SMM matter?

Social media is a source of limitless marketing potential, capable of connecting your brand with thousands of potential customers. Regardless of what industry your business is in, your customers are still using social media on a daily basis. It’s important that you keep them engaged and connected to your brand whatever platform they’re using so that you’re always their first choice.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the use of social platforms and websites to promote our products or service. Target the audience that matters to you through organic and paid social media reach.

We're experts in Social Media Management

Why grow social with GEI?

We understand the range of different media channels available to us now and make the best recommendation based on which social media channel will work best for your business. Our team at GrowthExperts Inc have worked with a range of different businesses in different industries throughout the years and have helped them achieve a comprehensive social media marketing plan that will engage with their potential customers and leave a good lasting impression.

Our team specialize in crafting social media marketing strategies designed for your specific business and its target audience in mind. Using social media to reach the right audiences is something that the team at GrowthExperts Inc. live and breathe.  As industry experts in the field of social media marketing, our team possesses the expertise and knowledge to ensure your brand gets ahead of the competition and stays there.

To help your business achieve its social media marketing goals, we research, design and operationalize our own marketing strategies by helping you focus on running your business. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, that is why we guarantee a complete transparency of our process and help you gain a better understanding of the types of social content that is going to be the most effective for your business and it’s overarching social media marketing strategy.

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Our Approach to Social Media Management:

Tailored Social Media Content

Make your business stand out above the noise with our tailored social media content. Engage your audience through customized blogs that inform users the benefits of your brand, get their attention through eye-catching graphs and infographics, or attract them with high-quality video content that will take full advantage of the visual nature of social media. We understand how to create engaging social content and make sure we tailor the media strategy to your ‘business’ branding and target audience. Our experienced team of experts in social media marketing knows how your audience use social media and what’s the best way to reach and engage with them.

Whether you want a comprehensive organic social media content plan for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, or you just need some videos for your social media ads, we got you covered. Our team creates data-centric and visually appealing social media content that appeals to your consumers. 

With a highly knowledgeable team of award-winning social media marketers, copywriters, PR specialists, an in house videographer, and graphic designers that are well-versed in creating content that is designed to be shared – we’ll raise your brand’s social network profile and attract new customers to your business. 

Result-Based Social Media Advertising

Speed up your business’ growth and reach the audience that matters to you through a paid social media marketing advertising. Marketing with social media can seem daunting for many people, which is why it’s essential that you have a well thought out social media marketing plan in place that is tailored to your business. We can help you understand our process and we are always highly transparent regarding the overarching marketing strategy that we think will work for your business. We want to make social media a tool that helps your business achieve its goals and reaches the people you want to reach with engaging content that gets people clicking through to your website.

Whether you’re seeking to increase traffic to your website, raise the visibility of your brand, or simply advertise your new product and increase sales, a social media advertising campaign can be one of the most effective marketing strategies you can undertake. Whatever your goal, social media marketing should be leveraged to engage with your customers in a unique way.

We can help you sift through the complexities and nuances of social media marketing in order to ensure your advertising campaign is a success. With a team that understands the importance of tailoring your marketing strategy to a particular audience and selecting the optimum social platform, targeting frequency, and content, we’ll make sure your ads stand out on the news feed. We run ads across all platforms, from Facebook and Instagram, to TikTok and YouTube we know how to make your business, brand or product/service stand out on social media.

Our team understands that social media may not be the only marketing platform you may be using to reach your customers. Our comprehensive marketing strategy is not just limited to offline, let us help you with your offline marketing efforts, while creating a social media marketing strategy that is tailored to you.

Data-Driven Strategies

Raise the visibility of your business to customers and build awareness of your unique brand. Your social presence represents an unparalleled opportunity for you to begin building awareness of your brand in the minds of thousands of potential customers at any given moment, anywhere in the world. We know how to reach your target audience and our social media marketing strategies leverage a range of social media platforms to engage with this target audience.

Take advantage of the rapid and exponentially growing nature of digital word-of-mouth by letting us help you build awareness and recognition of your brand on social media. We can set up your social media profiles and help you build an audience of engaged customers across a range of social media channels, so you have an easier and effective way to reach current and future customers. Marketing for social media needs to be unique and we craft content, from video through to catchy social copy that will have your customers engaged and ready to make a purchase.

By identifying the audience, you wish to target, we can help you to decide which campaign best suits your goals. Pursue a paid campaign to raise brand awareness amongst a targeted demographic, or undertake an organic strategy focusing on groups that are relevant to your brand or your typical customer base. Whatever your social media marketing goals, we know how to reach your target audience with ease and style.

Innovative Social Media Solutions

Whatever the social network, we understand how to reach your customers across all social media platforms. Successful social media marketing should be comprehensive, and the marketing strategy should provide insight into which social media platforms are best to achieve your brand or business goals. We create a social media marketing plan that identifies your target audience and the best way for you to use social, whether it’s on Facebook or another platform.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels, with over 2 billion monthly active users this is one of the most effective social media platforms to help you reach the broadest audience. When creating a social media marketing strategy for Facebook it is essential that the social media content that you are sharing is highly targeted for your audience. We take the time to understand your business and the best way to leverage Facebook as a social channel to reach your ideal customers.

We will design a comprehensive media strategy designed specifically for Facebook to help you reach your target audience and build brand awareness. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated when you have a full understanding of what we hope to achieve for your brand or business. Facebook is one of the more user-friendly platforms to undertake social media marketing, however, there are a number of ways you can cause damage to your brand if you don’t market your product in the right way.

When marketing on Facebook it’s important that you always have your audience in mind and the goals that your brand hopes to achieve on this platform, whether that is leads, sales or just brand awareness we know how to leverage Facebook to create a unique and effective social media marketing strategy that is tailored to your business.

Hands-On Social Media Management

Finding the right team for social media management wherever you are in the world is as simple as sending us an e-mail.  Whether it’s lead generation or something else, our team is always ready to go and willing to help you with our comprehensive social media management services. It is essential that your business finds the right marketing agency that will take the time to understand your business goals and help you craft a social media strategy and knows how to reach the audience that matters most to you.

Affordable Rates

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we believe social media should be something that everyone can afford, which is why our social media management fees are affordable and accessible for your business. We have worked with big and small businesses all over Australia and helped them achieve their business goals through our comprehensive social media management strategies.

If you’re looking for the most affordable and best social media management agency, call the GrowthExperts Inc. team today to discuss how we can help you reach customers around the world.

What we can do for you:

SMM Audit

Discover what’s keeping your account from showing up on your customer’s newsfeed with an extensive social media audit.

Social Media Ads

Get clicks, drive conversions, and increase sales to your website with Social Media Ads.

Pixel Set-up

Make your website track the result of your social media efforts with Pixel Set-up.

SMM Analytics

Measure the sales and traffic of your social media account and determine your SEO strategy’s success level or the next course of action.